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Our projects

We have delivered numerous projects successfully in different sectors: Finance/Banking, Industry, FMCG/Retail, Construction/Development, etc.

General managers, CEOs:

  • Industry (machinery, mining, timber, textiles, oil&gas)

  • Production (domestic and industrial equipment, food, consumer goods, construction materials)

  • Retail (food, consumer goods, clothing, footwear, pharmacies, domestic and industrial equipment)

  • Insurance

  • Development (commercial, residential and hotel real estate)

  • Banking/Finance

Finance and Law:

  • CFO (holding companies, industry, production, FMCG/retail)

  • Chief accountant

  • Economics manager

  • Treasury manager

  • Finance controller

  • Internal audit manager (retail)

  • Head of Legal Department (construction and development, production, retail, industry)


  • Commercial manager

  • Sales manager

  • Marketing director

  • PR-manager


  • CEO

  • Production manager

  • Quality director


  • Purchasing manager

  • Head of foreign economic activity


  • HR director (retail, production, industry, development)

  • Training & Development manager

  • Comp & ben manager


  • PR-manager

  • Corporate communications manager


  • Chairman of the Board

  • Deputy Chairman of the Board for Operations and Finance

  • Deputy Chairman of the Board for Active Operations

  • Head of treasury

  • Retail vice-president

  • Director of corporate credit department

  • Head of private banking department

  • Director of SME credit department

  • Corporate finance Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • HR vice-president

  • Risk-manager

  • Head of internal audit department

  • IT-director

  • Branch manager

Asset management:

  • Managing director

  • Investment director

  • Portfolio manager

  • Back-office director

  • Account vice-president

  • Head of analytical department


  • Head of construction

  • Project manager (commercial, residential and hotel real estate)

  • Head of technical supervision service

  • Senior principal engineer

  • Operations manager

  • Development manager

  • Sales manager (commercial and residential manager)


  • Corporate insurance director

  • Head of regional development

  • Head of motor insurance

  • Head of property insurance

  • Head of life insurance