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Market research

H4B compiles tailored market research according to client needs.

H4B produces market research reports in the following industries:   

  • Industry

  • Retail

  • Agriculture

  • Oil&Gas

  • Energy

  • Banking & Finance

  • Construction & Development

  • IT/Telecoms

Our mission:

  • Confidentiality

  • Quality

  • Reliability and objectiveness

  • Efficiency


 Tailored salary surveys 

Why do you need salary surveys?

·         To define the real market-value of managers (this is especially relevant at a time of crisis  

      when salaries are constantly changing)

·         For salary effective management and optimization

·         To define the competitive ability of the client company in the labor market

·         To raise the loyalty of employees



Monitoring of HR-policies in different industries:

Why do you need this?

·         To create effective remunerative and non-financial incentive plans

·         To obtain insider information of competitors’ companies

·         Effective headhunting