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Workshops with skilled professionals

Workshops with skilled professionals in HR

The current crisis does not have any precedents, there are no established recipes for survival.

We are ready to provide anti-crisis HR-technologies, the successful implementation of which enables a company to maintain the effective work of managers under conditions of economic instability.

No more theory! Workshops are handled by practical people, well-known HR specialists.


   Workshops "Anti-crisis grammar: to retain or to fire"?

·         How to modify HR policy in the crisis?

·         How to motivate highly valued staff?

·         How to optimize a personnel budget within

      a cost-saving policy?

·         How to prepare a company for a staff cut

      without reducing work effectiveness?

·         How to maintain professional qualifications with

      no training and development budget?

·         How to implement impact analysis technology with a grading system and use the results   

      in   anti-crisis HR policy?