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Executive Search

Executive search is the primary service offered by H4B. We are specialists in finding talents at top managers’ positions using a direct search method.

Success with H4B:

Step 1. What type of manager does your company need?

We anticipate the potential needs together with the client, identify the business goals of the company, its structure, the professional and personal characteristics for a manager and answer the question whether you may need a manager who can capitalize and develop your business or one aimed at anti-crisis management. Having defined this, we develop an ideal candidate profile which can be modified during the search process.

Step 2. Where we find the manager?

According to the candidate profile and our market expertise we agree on target industries and companies for the search with the client where we source potential candidates. Our expertise, industry-leading database, business networking and news searches allow us find the best talents. Hence we develop a long-list of candidates.

Step 3. How we evaluate a candidate?

The main task of this search phase is to evaluate the professional and personal characteristics of candidates and their match to the corporate culture as well as suitability for the role and interest in the position. We use methods such as structured interviews, testing, business cases and questionnaires to assess candidates, which enable us to learn of necessary competences. We also assess the achievements of a candidate and his/her effectiveness for the business by qualitative and quantitative results. This commences with initial telephone interviews and then candidates carryout in-depth one to one interviews with the project’s lead consultant. Then our associates perform a detailed assessment report which contains information on the company profile, structure and a candidate's place in it, goals and instruments he/she had while realizing strategic and tactic tasks, his/her personal, behavioral, academic and professional profiles, including an explanation of why the candidate should be considered for the role.

Step 4. Who’s the best?

Having reviewed the background profiles of candidates with clients and obtained feedback, we assist the client in forming the final portrait of the candidate and selecting the one most suitable for the role and the client organization and present the shortlist of candidates. Comparative analyses of candidates and references we collect help us provide the most objective information and choose the best candidate.

Step 5. Welcome on-board!

At H4B we support our clients in the preparation and presentation of the offer to the successful candidate. We mentor and follow up the candidate to reduce the adaptation period at the client company, which gives an opportunity to maximize the candidate’s effectiveness.