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Consulting and outplasment of redundant managers

Nowadays if is difficult to find a company not affected by the crisis and its consequences, whether it manifested itself in industry slowdown, market outlet reduction, cost savings or loan restructuring. There are a lot of redundant personnel as an outcome of this.

This raises the question: What to do with those people?

It is also important to analyze the situation quickly and react adequately.

Constant monitoring of the labor market, online communication with business owners and top-managers allow us to get the latest updates and current information about changes in the market and companies that need to hire new managers to meet business goals aimed at business development.

A great number of assignments mean we can provide a perspective among different interests in the business world.

We have clients who are interested in hiring top-managers as well as those that use outplacement services.

H4B provides these services of individual consultancy and outplacement of redundant employees free of charge.