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The history of H4B is the history of a productive partnership with leading global and Russian companies.

H4B – a collection of vast experience and extensive market expertise, which allows us to find the top executive talent across a wide range of sectors: Banking/Finance, Industry, Retail, Construction & Development.

H4B evaluates both personal and professional characteristics of a candidate together with the corporate culture match.

H4B has a client-focused approach which is realized in long-term partnerships, high quality service and expertise. Our main priority is to ensure that every client experiences a high level of satisfaction.

H4B ensures that professional ethics, confidentiality, client trust and reputation are adhered to at every level of our work. We are proud of the fact that our partners and clients consistently return to us.

H4B identifies the requisite skills, experience and personal qualities in order to find the best talent.

H4B associates have excellent analytical skills, professional expertise and far reaching experience which give them a wide range of opportunities to respond to the new economic environment quickly and accurately.

H4B integrates expertise and business network, always improves its level of service and is committed to its clients.