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Industry expertise

A deep understanding of our client’s needs, business and culture together with the expertise in many industries of our consultants enables us to undertake complex assignments.

Business network and reputation

Our impeccable reputation and numerous contacts in the business community help us meet complex challenges and complete the tasks of our clients efficiently and professionally.

Long-term relationships

We focus on a long-term, client-oriented relationship no matter how complex the needs of our clients. It is important that our clients have confidence in us and that we always help them to reduce the level of risk and maximize the potential when recruiting top executive talents. That is why we have a high client retention rate and gain many new clients through recommendations.

Trust and transparency

We offer our clients the opportunity to study confidential reports on candidates, progress reports which include the list of company names, identified candidates with detailed comments to help our client obtain up-to-date information on the project.


We fulfill all commitments accurately and in time.


We meet the our commitments and if the candidate resigns within the first twelve months, we will find a suitable replacement without charging any fees.